onsdag 6 oktober 2010

Två fallstudier till V

Chateodentata or Hairy Teeth. The rare form of odontalgia or dental decomposition in a 39-year old male, causing the infected dental pulp to grow filamentous strands, resembling mammalian pelage or vellus hair. The patient exhibited very poor dental hygien and suffered from severe halitosis. Compulsive consumtion of raw sugar recorded. As a result of his damaging diet, he had never married and rarely frequented resturants or bars. Upon hospital admission, subject also experienced gastointestinal pains and weight loss. He was diagonsed with Rapunzel Syndrome after an abdominal palpation revealed an oblong mobile well-defined mass in the gastric cavity. The body of a trichobezoar had to be surgically removed. The hairball measured 18" long and weight 460g.

Eller omvänt:

Epicranial Dentation in a 46-year old Aberdeen Fisherman. Originally considered a mariners disease, the condition is caused by the growth of a rare form of crustacean, whose maxillipeds (feeding legs) are dug in to the pericranium. The hardened exoskeleton of the dying arthropods form a dentated surface covering the lobes. The deterioration of the organisms gives the growth it's characteristic white colour and the apperance of being "toothed" from which the fatal symbiosis takes its name. The shrinking chitin will if left untreated cause Pseudofolliculitis traumatica or ingrown hairs. Documented in Harvey and Fredericks "Abnormal Dentation in Eastcoast Seamen" the subject attempted a brief carreer in wrestling under the name of Toothpick-Mark and gained some fame in the early 80s in the Colgate adverts, before his passing in 1984.

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