lördag 28 augusti 2010


Färsk skörd ur bokhyllan: John Sym, Lifes Preservative against Self-Killing, 1637.

"Mans life is loseable by two sorts of means. First, internall, arising from, and within a mans selfe that kills him, as the worm that breeds of, and in the treem and destroys it: so in mans bodie doe distempers and diseases breed ofm and from itselfe; whereby hee is in deaths hands, and by degrees dies daily: also in the soule of man sinne doth breed, that kills his spirituall life: and so, he hath in himselfe the principles and means of the destruction, both his soule and body; his life, both naturall and spirituall."

"Neither are we over-confidently to trust our selves with our selves; of whom wee have so little assurance for security and safety from self-mischiefe: and therefore, we are carefully to cleave to God for preservation, praying him not to give us up to ourselves, who are mercilesly cruell to our selves, when wee fall into our owne hands: for the neerer that any are linked and knit together in condition, or affection, the more desperately opposite they are, when they fall into division, because of the want of a fit medium or mediatour of reconciliation, betweene mans selfe and himselfe: what meane is there, either to keepe himselfe from himselfe, or to reconcile himselfe to himselfe, when himselfe is fallen out into murderous resolutions against himselfe?"

"And therefore, seeing wee often prove our owne greatest enemies, and doe as much evill to our selves, as the devill himselfe can desire, and more than he by himselfe, or by any other meanes, is able to effect, or bring to passe upon us; it is requisite and needfull that wee bee afraid of our selves, and that we neither trust our selves , nor trust to our selves; but that we be carefull, and doe watch over our selves, neither giving way to our owne opinions, nor purposes, before wee doe examine them and finde them comfortable to the truth: all things are to be suspected to come from an enemy."

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