söndag 21 juni 2009


Jag minns att någon vid åsynen av en helfigursbild av mig fällde kommentaren ..."a body off baywatch, a face off crimewatch". J bad mig inte läsa vidare. Nåväl, karln konstaterade, "I'd do her anyway, just put a pillow o'er her face". Annars brukar män komplimentera mina ögon. Och sedan av någon anledning brukar de fråga mig om andra män komplimenterar mina ögon, som för att säkerställa faktum. Å andra sidan är det inte omöjligt för en mycket ful kvinna att förefalla vacker.
Med tacksamhet fann jag följande lilla text kring framtidens (2011's) kvinna av en viss herr J. C. Bristow-Nobel sir ur the Penny Illustrated Paper, London, 1911 (somliga partier är adresserade till Bernard Shaw i kritik mot dennes kvinnosyn):

"The Charm of the Petticoat
The fact that mister Shaw (Bernard) believes that women will sooner or later abandon the skirt and the petticoat for the tight, shows in the man, apart from a disbelief in women's undoubted modesty, an astounding lack of knowledge of female nature. Personally I do not entertain the least doubt whatever that woman will cling with a grim earnestness to her skirts as long as we and the world lasts. She, obviously unlike the frivolous dramatist, knows their true worth.
The little ugly chorus girl hurrying in the darkness of the night from the stage door could explain, though you couldn't, why the foolish young Earl caught her by the arm and took her to the Carlton and dined her on champagne and kidneys, sitting six tables away from her, and sent her home singing on the floor of the cab. He couldn't see her face as she left the theatre, and, what is more, she had no desire for its ugliness to catch his inquisitive eye, but she took good care that his inquisitive eye caught more than a glimpse of the rich pink lingerie fluttering below her shabby dress. True, she only swished her skirt once, but that was sufficient. "Jove" said the Earl. "Pretty petticoat; she must be a pretty girl" and she was ugly as sin. There you are. The Earl leaped before he looked.
The plain woman in the drawing room can tell you why the men buzz around her in preference to the pretty woman. It's the way she manipulates her skirts that attracts them. "Hot lot, that woman" they say. "Lets talk to her."
The pretty woman, you are beginning to see, is apt to put to much reliance on her beauty, and it cannot support the strain. I tell you in confidence that many husbands have been snared by a lace frill as by a pretty face."

Via Paleo-Future.
1911 March 18 Woman of the Future-1

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annemarie sa...

DU ÄR VACKER! Ta mina ord och klä dig i dom - DU ÄR VACKER -och jag vet att det är så. A-M

J sa...

Av någon anledning kom jag att tänka på det här:
Ann-Katarin, du skall veta att
det finns en lycka som dör av skratt.

J sa...

Du brukade sjunga den tror jag.

J sa...

Eller spela den.